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Storage System Management



Rand Water abstracts water from the Vaal Dam and treats it at the Vereeniging and Zuikerbosch Purification and Primary Pumping Stations and then pumps it at a head of approximately 180 to 360 metres to the main Booster Pumping Station, Zwartkopjes and its three satellite Booster Pumping Stations, Palmiet, Eikenhof and Mapleton.




Each Booster Pumping Station then elevates the water a further 180 to 360 meters to reservoirs in and around Johannesburg. From these areas the water flows under gravity and is re-pumped at distribution stations to the extreme boundaries of the supply area.


The water is supplied through approximately 3 056 km of pipeline into 58 reservoirs. The core product is then delivered in bulk from the reservoirs to

Rand Water’s customers: three metropolitan councils, 15 municipalities, the Royal Baf0keng administration, 45 mines and approximately 771 industries and direct consumers.






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