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Re: Absenteeism 
Dear Trainee
Please be advised that the unauthorised absentiseeism for the period 27 March 2017 to 14 April 2017 will be deducted from your stipend payableon 24 July 2017.

 Re: Placement Letters Distribution Centres
Dear Phase 2 Water Agent
Please note that as previously communicated, the appointed service providers Ebony and Ivory, eNtsika and Khula Nonke will be distributing placement letters between 20 and 30 June 2017.

Re: Absenteeism
Dear Trainee
Please be abvised that the unauthorised absenteeism for the period 13 to 24 March 2017 will be deducted from your stipend payable on 23 June 2017.

Re: Phase 2 Workplace Status
Dear Water Agent - 13 June 2017
Please Note that your placement letters will be distributed to you from 20-30 June 2017. We will provide further updates on 15 June 2017 regarding venues for collection.

Re: Phase 2 Placement Service Provider - 13 June 2017
Dear Trainee
Please note that the placement service providers namely, Ebony and Ivory, Entiska Consulting and Khula Nonke are in consultation with Municipalities and Private Companies regarding your workplace training.

Re: Phase 2 Workplace Status - 06 June 2017 
Dear Water Agent
Please note that we are cognisant that you will be completing your classroom based training programme on various dates in June 2017 and hope that you are ready to practice what you've learned in class.

Re: Phase 1 Placement Update
Dear Trainees
As previously communicated, please note that Khula Nonke is still in consultation with Municipalities and Private Companies regarding your workplace training.


Re: Phase 1 Artisan Apprentice Workplace Placement 

Please note that we are aware that workplace placement is an issue of concern for some of you and that it is our top priority to ensure that you are placed.

Re: Phase 1 Training Placement

Dear Training

Please be aware that Rand Water is working tirelessly to secure placements for tainees that are not yet placed.

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Re: Phase 2 TVET/Training Centre Placement


Dear Artisan Apprentice

Please Note that the commencement of Artisan Phase 2 training will be on 6 February 2017.

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Trainee SMS
Dear WoL Trainee

It has come to our attention that false information regarding the WoL training programme are being circulated.

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 Re: Discipline Change Phase 2 Trainees
Dear WOL Trainee
The Training and Development stream has noted the requests for the change of discipline, in processing your requests kindly note the following:



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